Dog Walking SW3

Dog Walking SW3

Are you tired of leaving your pup cooped up at home while you’re at work all day? Do you feel guilty that your pooch isn’t getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy? Look no further than Happy Tail Friends, the premier dog walking service in the SW3 area of London.

Our experienced team of dog walkers are passionate about providing your dog with the best possible care and exercise. We understand that every dog is unique, with their own personality and needs, so we tailor our services to meet their individual requirements. Whether your dog is energetic and in need of a good run around, or prefers a more leisurely stroll, we’ve got you covered.

At Happy Tail Friends, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We take the time to get to know each and every dog in our care, building a relationship based on trust and respect. Our dog walkers are all fully insured and trained in dog handling, so you can rest assured that your pup is in safe hands.

At Happy Tail Friends, we understand the importance of building a strong relationship between your dog and their walker. That’s why we make it a priority for your dog to meet the same walker in every walk. Having the same walker for every walk allows your dog to build a bond of trust and familiarity with their walker. This can help to reduce any anxiety or nervousness your dog may feel about going on walks with someone new. It also means that your walker will become familiar with your dog’s personality, preferences, and any special requirements they may have, allowing them to provide a tailored and personalized service.

We offer a pick-up and drop-off service on foot, rather than with a van. We understand that some dogs may feel anxious or uncomfortable being transported in a vehicle, especially if they have not been properly acclimated to it. Additionally, some owners may prefer not to have their dogs transported in a van due to safety concerns or personal preferences. That’s why we offer a walking service that allows your dog to enjoy a leisurely walk to and from their walking location.

Additionally, having the same walker for every walk means that they will be able to provide you with regular updates on your dog’s behaviour, health, and any issues they may encounter during their walks. This level of communication ensures that you are always kept informed about your dog’s well-being and can address any concerns in a timely manner.

We offer a range of services to suit your needs, from regular daily walks (£30 / hour or £20 / 30 minutes) to occasional one-off walks. Our walks are conducted in local parks and green spaces, allowing your dog to enjoy the great outdoors and socialize with other friendly pooches. We also offer solo walks (£40 / hour) for dogs that prefer their own company.

In addition to our dog walking services, we also offer a range of additional services to make your life easier. We can provide food and water for your dog during their walk, administer any necessary medication, and even pick up and drop off your furry friend if you’re unable to do so yourself.

At Happy Tail Friends, we’re committed to providing the highest quality dog walking service in the SW3 area of London. We believe that every dog deserves to be happy, healthy, and well-exercised, and we’re dedicated to making that a reality. So why not give us a try today and give your pup the gift of a happy tail?